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Ad Test

Ad Test

Bellwether Interactive can test the impact of your print ad and quickly deliver highly actionable and detailed recommendations. Consumers typically have a tough time expressing their positive and negative opinions during a typical ad evaluation. Clients have an even tougher time organizing the responses into opinions that are useful and actionable. The evaluator helps consumers to provide specificity to their opinions. Test respondents can select specific parts or elements of the ad and describe their opinions. All elements of the ad (graphics, words, sentences, placements, etc.) can be controlled and tested.


The illustrated example asks consumers to evaluate the print ad on an overall basis and on a detailed basis. Every specific element of the print advertisement can be made "selectable." That is, the overall ad can be split up into a few key or many separate design elements. After the initial evaluation, alternative ad designs or alternative individual design elements can replace the corresponding design or design elements and be reevaluated.

View the Ad Test demonstration.

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